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15W FM RF Amplifier with 2SC2539 circuit diagram

2015-01-04 03:58  
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This is a FM RF amplifier which build based on RF Power Transistor 2SC2539.
2SC2539 is a silicon NPN epitaxial planar type transistor designed for RFpower amplifiersin VHF band mobileradioapplications.

circuit diagram:

15W FM RF Amplifier with 2SC2539 circuit

L1: 2T Coil diameter:4mm
L2: in series 6pcs Toroidal ring
L3: 4T Coil diameter:10mm
L1: 3T Coil diameter:10mm


High power gain: Gpe >= 14.5 dB at Vcc=13.5V, Pout = 14W and f=175MHzEmitter ballasted construction and gold metallization for high reliability and good performancesLow thermal resistance ceramic package with flangeAbility of withstanding more than 20:1 load VSWR when operated at Vcc=15.2V, Pout=18W, f=175MHz, Tc=250C

Download the datasheet of RF Power Transistor 2SC2539HERE



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