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1880MHz Inside Collector Biased Amplifier Composed Of RF2324

2015-01-01 12:16  
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1880MHz Inside Collector Biased Amplifier Composed Of RF2324 Application Circuit
RF signals (RF) is input by pin 3 and output by pin 7 after enlarging by pre-amplifier and power amplifier. Pin 3 is directly coupled with internal amplifier. So, it adds a 10pF blocking coupling capacitor. The matching impedance is 50Ω when it works at 1880MHz. Pin 7 is output end of collector, whichcan connect power supply Vcc through choke or matching inductance. The typical matching impedance of this pin is 50Ω. In order to get the largest output power and efficiency, it connects to matching network outside to make the output impedance of amplifier match with it. Pin 1 is power down controlling end. The circuitworks when VPD=2.8V±0.1V (typical value of IPD is 8.5mA) and is closed when VPD<0.9V. VFD needs to add RF bypass circuit.