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1W Stereo Audio Amplifier with LM386N circuit diagram

2015-01-04 04:30  
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This is a 1 watt per channel using two LM386N.  This circuit belongs to kitsrus.com and the kit is available there or at electronickits.com. This circuit only need 10mA current with best voltage supply is 6-12VDC. No heatsink required for normal usage.

1W Stereo Audio Amplifier with LM386N circuit

There are only a few external components, the IC? contains most of the necessary circuitry. C1, C5 are? the input coupling capacitors, which block any DC? that might be present on the inputs. C2, C9 maintain? DC bias levels in the gain adjustment (feed back)? circuit. C4 provides power supply decoupling, and? C6, C8 are the output coupling capacitors. C10, R1? and C11, R2 act as zobel networks providing a high? frequency load to maintain stability where loud speaker inductive reactance may become excessive.? The pot provides adjustable input level attenuation.

Components :

Capacitors :
C1, C5 2.2 uF / 50Vecap _________2
C2, C9 10 uF / 25V ecap _________2
C3, C7 100 nF mono (104) ________2
C4 100 uF / 16V ecap ____________1
C6, C8 470 uF / 16V ecap ________2
C10, C11 47 nF mylar (473) ______2

Resistors :
R1, R2 10 ohm ___________________2
Pot 1 10k ohm stereo pot ________1

Misc. :
IC 1, 2 LM386N __________________2
8 pin IC socket _________________2

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