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20w Audio Amplifier Using Lm1875 electronic circuit diagram

2015-01-03 13:35  
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20W Audio Amplifier using LM1875 electronic circuit diagram


20W Audio Amplifier kit is based on LM1875 IC.
* Power supply - 48 VDC
* Output - 20 W, 4 Ω
* Very low distortion (THD - 0.015%), good channel separation and ripple rejection
* IC built-in thermal, short circuit protections
* Internal output protection diodes
* Terminal pins for connecting input
* Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy power supply and speaker connection
* Power-On LED indicator
* Heatsink for IC
* Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each with nut and stud
* PCB dimensions 48 mm x 60 mm


20W Bridge Audio Amplifier

Parts List

20W Bridge Audio Amplifier


20W Bridge Audio Amplifier

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