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25W FM radio amplifier circuit

2015-01-06 20:41  
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A simple 25W fm radio amplifier used as a final stage for a 2.5W transmitter. I has a total gain of 10 dB and needs a 12V / 3A power supply. It is equiped with KT925W or BLY88, BLY89C. Use a very good headsink because this transistor get very hot

Coils values:
L1 = L3 = 4 turns / 1.5mm / 8mm / 10mm long
L2 = 4 turns / 1mm/6mm/10mm long
L4 = 20 turns / 0.8mm / on 22Ω resistor

25W FM radio amplifier circuit schematic

25w fm amplifier

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