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25 watt mosfet power amplifier power supply

2015-01-04 00:02  
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This is the circuit diagram of 25 watt mosfet power amplifier power supply

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Power Supply for 25W Power Amplifier based MOSFET power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Power Supply for 25W Power Amplifier based MOSFET
The circuit diagram of unregulated power supply above is designed to supply a 25 watts power amplifier based MosFet. The output voltage of this power supply is ±33VDC. Parts list : R1:3K3? 1/2W C1:10nF 1000V Polyester Capacitor C2,C3:4700μF?? 50V Electrolytic ...

Power Supply for 1500 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
This Power supply?circuit?is?paired?with High Power audio amplifier 1500 watts. Power supply required for the amplifier requires a serious approach to the design. First you need a step-down transformer capacity of at least 2kW.? Supply filter capacitors should be designed to ...

DC to DC Converter 12V to ± 38V
The core of the Car DC to DC Converter 12V to ± 38 VDC is a pulse generator built on the TL494 chip. The circuit is designed to provide power supply to Monoblock Car Amplifier TDA7294. Generator frequency can be ...

Power Supply for Simple high-quality Tube amplifier class “A”
This?power supply?circuit,?is part?of a series of? Simple high-quality Tube?amplifier?class "A". Or maybe it?can be applied to?other devices. Few?detailed?explanation: The?capacitors?in the?PSU,?as?well?as?C5?in the?amplifier?-?a voltage?of 300?V. The?power?and?output?transformers,?used?in this?amplifier,?tape recorder?on "Astra?4."

Battery Charger / Power Supply 14V / 4A with MOSFET VN64GA
As the the title, this circuit can function as a power supply or a battery charger. This? Battery Charger / Power Supply circuit has a voltage output of 14 volts and can supply current up to 4 amperes. Operational amplifier ...

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