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2x3W Audio Amplifier with IC BA5406 circuit diagram

2015-01-02 08:33  
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This is a stereo audio amplifier based on IC powe rBA5406.  Thiscircuitwhich will give you 3W power in each channel

2x3W Audio Amplifier with IC BA5406 circuit

R3, R4___________________2R2 ohm
R1, R2___________________120 ohm

C1, C2, C11, C12_________220nF nonpolar capacitor
C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8___47uF/16V electrolytic capacitor
C9,  C10_________________470uF/16V electrolytic capacitor

The BA5406 contains two sets of AF power amplifiers. It delivers 5W x 2 into 3 ohm loads with a 12V supply. It has minimal power-on pop noise and has immunity to supply voltage drop. It also has minimal RF radiation.

Recommended supply voltage: 5-15V max. Typical 12V. Ideally the power supply should be able to deliver over 2.5Amps. This means that a typical ‘cheap’ pluginpower supply(wall wart) will not be good enough. The power supply leads should be as short as possible. Quiescent current 20-70mA, typically 40mA.

Download 2x3W Audio Amplifier with IC BA5406 inPDF version
Download BA5406 datasheetHERE



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