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300W MOSFET Broadband Amplifier

2016-05-05 08:41  
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300W MOSFET Broadband Amplifier300W MOSFET Broadband Amplifier Circuit

The back scheme will provide the best Motorola for any MRF141G typical application (including the functions of stabilization parasites), a power of broadband RF MOSFET put a conservative 300 watts rated through the broadcast band FM. The flange on the MRF141G be mounted on a heat sink, a copper plate 5 / 16 "thick and 6" x 8 ", which is mounted to the heat sink with 6-32 machine screws in the case that the heat sink is drilled and exploited.

CAUTION: This amplifier operates at very high energy ranges. You could receive significant RF burns if it comes in contact with open coaxial power of the amplifier. Also, if your transmitting antenna is mounted on the ceiling, and it should fly in a wind storm despite eating all the power of this amplifier, you can start a fire in certain types of roofing insulation! Be very careful with the use, installation and operation of the unit. Advertisement: