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300 Watt MOSFET HI-FI Power Amplifier

2015-01-01 22:19  
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300 Watt MOSFET HI-FI Power Amplifier


300 Watt MOSFET HI-FI Power Amplifier


The amplifier consists of two completely separate monaural amplifiers each channel has its own power supply, resulting in zero inter-channel cross talk, a common phenomenon in amplifiers sharing the same power supply. In order to obtain the full output power each supply transformer should be rated at 40VAC - 0 - 40VAC at 640VA. Unlike many designs relying on the reservoir capacitors to supply peak currents, I prefer to have the raw power available from the transformer resulting in much faster transients.

Although the RAS 300 specifications are moderate, when listening to it you will immediately experience the massive reserve power available and never have any cause of anxiety that something is going to give in that one would when driving many amplifiers loud.

You will hear nothing but reality with no distortion at any level and I guarantee that this amplifier will divulge the best qualities of any equipment connected to it.

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