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30W, 4 channel car amplifier

2015-01-01 10:09  
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30W amplifier with four ouput 300x261 30W, 4 channel car amplifierThis 4 channel car amplifier comprises only with a single TDA7386 integrated circuit and a few additional components, four independent amplifier channels to build a true multi-channel audio system. Based on the chip was originally designed for car audio, but this amplifier is also ideal for computers with a sound card as the SoundBlaster Live! Creative Labs Inc or Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound / S3.

As seen in the design, the only active component is an integrated circuit TDA7386, SGS-Thomson. It provides four channels of amplification from a 12v source. The DC input is blocked from 0.1μF capacitor. STBY mute control terminal and may or may not be implemented, is up to you. Output is symmetrical, so there is no speaker terminal is grounded (both amplified).

Heatsink should be enough to keep the chip in the appropriate temperature. You can use a Pentium III with a cooling fan.It is sufficient to connect to Vcc as used 12v like the amplifier.

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