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4W Audio Amplifier based TDA1013B circuit diagram

2015-01-04 07:07  
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The following diagram is the circuit diagram of simple audio amplifier. The amplifier is based on integrated audio amplifier chip, TDA1013B which is able to gained the audio power output up to 4W at 8 ohm loads.

4W Audio Amplifier based TDA1013B circuit

About TDA1020B:
The TDA1013B is an integrated 4W audio power amplifier with DC volume control , encapsulated in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The wide supply voltage range makes this circuit ideal for applications in mains and battery-fed apparatus such as television receivers and record players.

The DC volume control stage has a logarithmic control characteristic with a range of more than 80 dB; control is by means of a DC voltage variable between 2 and 6.5 V. The audio amplifier has a well defined open loop gain and a fixed integrated closed loop. This device requires only a few external components and offers stability and performance.

TDA1013B Features:

Few external componentsWide supply voltage rangeWide control rangePin compatible with TDA1013AFixed gainHigh signal-to-noise ratioThermal protection

Download the document ofTDA1013B datasheetfor circuit reference.



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