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50W Amplifier Circuit based ICL8063 + 2N3055

2016-05-05 06:35  
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50W Amplifier Circuit, built based ICL8063 as power transsistor driver and 2N3055 as main power amplifier component.

50W Amplifier Circuit based ICL8063 + 2N3055 schematic diagram:
electronic circuit diagram

Parts List:
R1 = 200 Ohm
R2 = 200K
R3 = 30K
R5 = 1K
R6 = 5K
R7, R10 = 1 Meg
R8,R9 = 0.4 Ohm/5Watt
R11 = 10K Potensiometer
R12,R13 = 51K
R14 = 47K
C1 = 100uF/35V
C2 = 0.011uF
C3 = 3750pF
C4,C6 = 1000pFC5,C7,C8 = 0.001uF
C9 = 50pF
C10 = 0.3uF
C11,C12 = 10.000uF/50V
U1,U2 = 741 Op Amp
U3 = ICL8063 Audio Amp Transister Driver
Q1 = 2N3055 NPN Power Transistor
Q2 = 2N3791 PNP Power Transistor
BR1 = 250 V 6 Amp Bridge Rectifier
T1 = 50V Center Tapped 5 Amp Transformer
S1 = SPST 3 Amp Switch
S2 = DPDT Switch
F1 = 2 Amp Fuse
SPKR1 = 8 Ohm 50W Speaker

Circuit Notes:
Distortion is much less than 0.1% up to 100HZ and increases to about 1% at 20kHz.50V CT transformer might be difficult to find, you may use 45V or 32V CT transformer.Q1 and Q2 should be use heatsinks to prevent over heating.50W Amplifier Circuit based ICL8063 + 2N3055 source page Advertisement: