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50W Audio Amplifier with TDA1514A circuit diagram

2015-01-03 07:29  
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Here the another amplifier circuit with single power IC from Phillips, TDA1514A. This is a hi-fi power amplifier circuit with 50W power output.

50W Audio Amplifier with TDA1514A circuit

The TDA1514A integrated circuit is a hi-fi power amplifier for use as a building block in radio, tv and other audio applications. The high performance of the IC meets the requirements of digital sources (e.g. Compact Disc equipment).

The circuit is totally protected, the two output transistors both having thermal and SOAR protection (see Fig.3). The circuit also has a mute function that can be arranged for a period after power-on with a delay time fixed by external components.

The device is intended for symmetrical power supplies but an asymmetrical supply may also be used.

TDA1514A Features:
· High output power
· Low harmonic distortion
· Low intermodulation distortion
· Low offset voltage
· Good ripple rejection
· Mute/stand-by facilities
· Thermal protection
· Protected against electrostatic discharge
· No switch-on or switch-off clicks
· Very low thermal resistance
· Safe Operating Area (SOAR) protection.

Download the datasheet of TDA1514AHERE

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