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60W Power Audio Amplifier based on TDA2052 circuit diagram

2015-01-01 17:32  
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If you want to create an amplifier that is able to produce a good sound output with low distortion audio, then this amplifier could be the right option for you. This circuit using power supply split type with a maximum input voltage of 25V. Heatsink should be installed on the power IC to avoid excessive heat.

60W Power Audio Amplifier based on TDA2052 circuit

The TDA2052 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Heptawatt package, intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in TV or Hi-Fi field application.

Thanks to the wide voltage range and to the high out current capability it’s able to supply the highest power into both 4W and 8W loads even in presence of poor supply regulation. The built in Muting/Stand-by function simplifies
the remote operations avoiding also switching on-off noises.

Here is the PCB layout for the schematic diagram above:

60W Power Audio Amplifier based on TDA2052 circuit

If you need an audio amplifier is more compact, you can use the following circuit

60W Power Audio Amplifier based on TDA2052 circuit

Circuit above is a further application of the audio amplifier based on TDA2051 which uses three pieces of IC TDA2052. There are two channel audio input and produce three channel audio output of the second high-frequency sound and a sound (tweeter), low frequency (woofer)

All of above schematic diagram and PCB layout already explained in datasheet document.
DownloadTDA2052 datasheet



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