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A 20 Watt Power Amplifierr introduction

2015-01-02 10:13  
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This article is A 20 Watt Power Amplifierr introduction. The principle of combining text comprehension is a good suggestion. The principle is very simple but very practical and effective. The IC chip is designed for increased power used in automobiles. This is self-protection and short circuit and thermal problems. It will be delivered in a bridge configuration display 20 watts into 2 ohm speaker operating at 14.4 volts. Before you understand the schematic, we first introduce an important component of the circuit  TDA2005M . The TDA2005M is class B dual audio poweramplifier in MULTIWATT ? packagespecifically designedfor car radio application: power booster amplifiers are easily designed using this device that provides a high current capability (up to 3.5 A) and that can drive very low impedance loads. TDA2005M features:
. output dc and ac short circuit to ground
. overrating chip temperature
. load dump voltage surge
. fortuitous open ground
. very inductive loads 


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