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A Differential Input-to-Single-Ended Output Amplifier

2015-01-04 01:25  
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View Full Size Image View Original Design NoteA Differential Input-to-Single-Ended Output Amplifier

This circuit shows a circuit for converting a differential input to a single-ended output. For a gain equal to one (R1 = R2 = 604W and VOUT = V2 – V1) the input referred differential voltage noise density is 9nV/rtHz and differential input signal-to-noise ratio is 80.9dB with 0.2VRMS input signal in a 4MHz noise bandwidth. The input AC common mode rejection depends on the matching of resistors R1 and R3 and the LT1567 inverter gain tolerance (common mode rejection is at least 40dB up to 1MHz with one percent resistors and two percent inverter gain tolerance).

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