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A high-fidelity power amplifier circuit

2015-01-03 15:28  
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This article is a high-fidelity power amplifier circuit diagram introduction. Master the principle is very effective method is to combine text read schematics. This is a very simple, low-cost, high-fidelity quality power amplifier. It can provide good sound quality, so I enjoy it. In operation, the need to measure the end transistors (T3 and T4) amplification factor, or a. If they are more than 30% hfe differences, the amplifier will not give a clear voice. I used  MJ3001  and MJ2501 transistors, this divergence is about 5%. In the first "Open" you must be shorted input amplifier, the output of the horse meter than the amplifier, and tune the R13 pot, to reduce the DC current output, a number, or a lucky situation ua's zero. I was able to be reduced to 10 uA. The principle is simple but effective.


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