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Amplifier power supply using High Current Transformer

2015-01-06 12:33  
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Friends ever meet a problem power supply Circuit give current not enough. I has way this out give friends try apply. Follow this circuit High Current transformer parallel circuit make you have Current tall go up very. The transformer that have many the coil , we can bring to do high Current power supply circuit well. By if the all coil has Voltage be equal. It is can bring parallel can follow this circuit is coil lead that has Voltage 24V and have Current about 1A come to parallel prevent all 2 the group have current altogether each 2A groups by have voltage at 24V be the same. This circuit then can become Dual power supply at 34V positive and -34V Negative and Ground. This circuit uses to are amplifier power supply get good. Suppose will give the electric power about 50watt. For the diode use 3A 100V sizes and use. The Stancor for filter noise signal the all well. This circuit may help to give testimony have the idea in applying work other , get please sir.

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