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Audio Amplifier

2015-01-05 09:37  
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audio amplifier Audio Amplifier
Audio Amplifier – a basic element of sound. This device receives a signal from the low-level line-out head unit and increases its voltage and current to the required quantities sufficient for normal speakers. In this article, we will tell you about the structure of amplifiers.

Classification of amplifiers

The audio amplifier can be divided into four main parts. Power supply amplifier unit processing the input signal, the driver and block the formation of the output signal.

Power supply unit – a group of circuits that generate and regulate the voltage to power the various parts of the amplifier. Processing unit compares the input signal received from the preamplifier output signal from the radio amplifier for its adjustment to remove the distortions that occur during amplification. In addition, this unit amplifies the input signal to the level necessary for subsequent amplification in other parts of the amplifier. Driver divides the signal into two bipolar signals (phase separation) and amplifies it for transmission to the processing unit output signal. Finally, the last stage of amplification – the processing unit output signal (it should be called the output stage), which basically determines the class of amplifier. Audio Amplifiers are divided into classes according to their effectiveness (efficiency) and the level of distortion of the output signal.

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