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Car Stereo Preamplifier Circuitry

2015-01-06 00:28  
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In the car audio preamplifier circuit, only one channel is displayed. Other channels is actually just a copy. Is divided along two paths of the input circuit from your car radio's speaker output, in a path, the signal is fed to the input of the Ural LR7 through the resistor, the trimmer potentiometer R21 and capacitor C2. In another path, to provide a high power divider network (from the R8 to R10) 4.5 Resistance compatible car radio circuit input impedance of the output impedance. R7 and R21 together provide a minimum resistance 27,000, IC UL (TDA-2004 audio power amplifiers) amplified signal,

Booster Amplifier For Car Stereo Use Circuit 

which is then output at pins 8 and 10 and fed to the loudspeaker. Note: This amp is designed for use only with car radios whose speaker outputs are referenced to ground: do not use it with radios that have balanced outputs.


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