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Circuit Power Amplifier OTL 50W by 2N3055

2015-01-02 12:57  
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If you are seeking power Amplifier at loud good sound , durable and economize. I begs for to advise Circuit Power Amplifier OTL 50Watt by 2N3055 , because of use the equipment that seek good easy and build not difficult with. Many you who tell amp OTL the sound is not good. Me chest edge that be not the loud sound is excellent. Then like to use general ( in the past ) although in contain divide still have use. I like it fining decorates the circuit. Just you feed power supply 50V 2A also the work has already and a loudspeaker should use 8ohm 12 inc. sizes. Besides still model PCB for the convenience of friends. Request have fun Power Amplifier OTL 50Watt , please sir.

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