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Common emitter amplifying circuit

2015-01-05 20:34  
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Common emitter amplifying circuit
Common emitter amplifying circuit The amplifier's role: amplifiering faint signals (voltage, current, and power) to the required category. The role of each element: Transistor T-- The amplification component, iC = b iB. It must ensure the collector junction reverse bias, the emitter biased to make the transistor work in the enlarged area. Base power EB and base resistor RB-- Make emitterforward bias, and provide the proper size base current. Collector power EC-- Provide the energy for the circuit. And guarantee BC junction reverse bias. The collector resistance RC-- Change current amplification to voltage amplification. Coupling capacitors C1, C2--theyisolate input, output and amplifying circuit DC's link to beAC signal input and output smoothly.