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Dynamic Microphone Amplifier (BC547B)

2015-01-02 17:52  
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Thiscircuitshould be perfect for dynamic microphone…

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Dynamic Microphone Amplifier circuit

Dynamic microphones are versatile and ideal for general-purpose use. They use a simple design with few moving parts. They are relatively sturdy and resilient to rough handling. They are also better suited to handling high volume levels, such as from certain musical instruments or amplifiers. They have no internal amplifier and do not require batteries or external power.

Schematic diagram:

Dynamic Microphone Amplifier circuit

- This dynamic microphoneamplifier circuithas a total gain of 200 times.
- If you use 200Ω microphones R4 must be 220Ω and C1 is 4.7uF.
- For the best performance, use metal film resistor, MKM type for unpolar capacitor and tantalum type for bipolar capacitor. Use stabled and regulatedpower supply.

With a 3mVpp input signal the output will be 800mVpp. The maximum output voltage was 10Vpp when the input is 50mVpp. The frequencies domain is between 50Hz and 100KHz.


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