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Headphone Amplifier SONY CXA1622P

2015-01-04 14:00  
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Headphone Amplifier IC SONY 300x195 Headphone Amplifier SONY CXA1622PThis circuit may be a bit expensive because it uses ic CXA 1622P from SONY. The CXA1622P is a bipolar IC developed as a power amplifier for radio compact cassettes with built-in pre-amplifier and power amplifier electrical volume.

Chip operates at supply voltage range 1.8-6V. THD – 0.7%. Frequency – 40-40000Hz. Resistor R1 is used to adjust the volume.

Parts list :R1 : 50K variable resistor
C1, C2, C3, C9 : 10uF/10V
C4, C5 : 3.3uF/10V
C6, C7, C8 : 0.1uF
C10, C11, C12 : 220uF/10V
DA1 : CXA1622P

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