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Hi-Fi stereo Preamplifier with tone controls

2015-01-03 05:05  
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The circuit is based on the known chip TDA1524, which is an integrated control Volume, Bass, treble, and Balance. These arrangements are made through 4 potentiometers (P5-P8) with trend. The integrated circuit IC1, to run the needed very few external components. The potentiometer PI-P4 are used to compensate any tolerances POSTS components that regulate the input signal. The input circuit is 5 points and 8 & 10 & 10. The output of the circuit is 7 points and 6 & 10 & 10. To supply to point 9 is a positive trend and 10 negative. Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 11 and 15 are used for optional remote control circuit.
Hi-Fi stereo Preamplifier with tone controls

The P5 potentiometer adjusts the low frequencies (BASS), while PO tensiometro P6 regulates high frequencies (TREBLE). Similarly, P7 potentiometer adjusts the volume (VOLUME) and the P8 BALANCE. Finally, the potentiometer P1 - P4 micrometer adjust various settings. So when the Volume (potentiometer P7) is positioned for zero output, the output is actually zero. Similarly, when the two output signals at the same level level, the potentiometer's Balance (P8) is in the middle. Similarly, regulated and Bass and Treble knobs. Parts and Components:R1,R2,R6,R7=82K 1/4w 5%R5=33K 1/4W 5%R3,R4=220 1/4W 5%PI-P4=22K TrimmerP5-P8=47K PotentiometersC1,C2,C11,C14=100nF polyesterC3,C12=22uF/16V electrolyticC4,C8=15nF polyesterC5,C10=56nF polyesterC6=100uF/16V electrolyticC7,C9=4,7uF/16V electrolyticC13=220nF polyesterIC1=TDA1524 ChipIC base 18 DL

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