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High Gain Crystal Earphone Amplifier

2016-04-19 10:10  
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High Gain Crystal Earphone AmplifierHigh Gain Crystal Earphone Amplifier

This simple, one-transistor amplifier provides a voltage accretion over 1000 (60 dB) for active a aerial impedance bowl (crystal) earphone. The aerial accretion is accomplished by replacing the acceptable beneficiary resistor with an abnormal constant-current diode that food 1/2 mA yet exhibits a actual aerial attrition to the audio. This amplifier will accord accomplished array life, cartoon alone 500 uA.

Below is a archetypal appliance application it with the aboriginal clear radio ambit on this page. The amplifier provides acceptable aggregate with a bashful antenna. You may appetite a aggregate ascendancy as with the TL431 project! Or use the Crystal Radio RF Amplifier directly above for even more sensitivity with less than 2 mA current drain.