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High-Power Audio Amplifier

2015-01-05 19:48  
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R13 replacement RI54.53K  ohm jumper 5 1% 6. Replace R14 left channel input please take (left output 10 takf output right channel output stereo amplifier will deliver 60 W rms power output of 8 or 100 113K ohm 1% 7 cut foil from RH and ground pads 8.input becomes W rms power between notification, LM12C1 line level (approximately 300 mV) to 5. A ± 35-V power supply the power required at full power from a dc-dc converter output.

High-Power Car Audio Amplifier 

Note: The bridge configuration: T jumpers installed JU2 and JU4 removed J 1) 3 Remove RIO4 replaced.


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