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High-efficiency high power amplifier RF2131 pin circuit diag

2015-01-06 11:43  
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High-efficiency high power amplifier RF2131 pin circuit diagram
RF2131 is high-power and high-efficiency amplifier. It adopts advanced GaAs hetero-junction bipolar transistor technology. It is designed for final linear RF amplifier of ETACS handheld device, CDPD, band spread system and other applications with working frequencyin 1800~2500MHz. It offers an analog voltage input end with power control rangein 30dB. The power supply decreases when it is in the logic low-level state. And, the power supply is in the spare working state. It is designed for C class, but it can work at linear AB class if itimprove bias voltage. The device itself includes 50Ω input and output. So it is very easy to match best power and efficiency features. RF2131 is used for AMPS/ETACS cellular system mobile phone, CDPD portable data card, 900MHz ISM frequency range device, commercial and consumer systems, portable battery power supply unit, etc. The pin array of RF213 is shown in the diagram.