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IC amplifier stereo 10W 10W with ic TDA2009

2015-01-06 16:39  
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The IC 10W 10 W stereo amplifier circuit design that looks similar to the IC 8W 8 W stereo amplifier circuits of the previous album.But it will change the IC amplifier as a number TDA2009.Within the IC for circuit amplifiers, Hi-Fi class AB.And output short circuit protection sectors as well.But there will be different according to the properties of the IC. The TDA2009 IC is to qualify from the power supply 8-24 volts, the current maximum of 1-2 amp.An output voltage watt 10 watt 24 volt load 4 ohms, 0.351% distortion at a frequency 1 kHz, frequency response from 10 Hz-50 kHz at -3 dB to 36 dB of gain and the strength. input signal at 100 mV.
When raising the power supply circuit and input into the audio input.The audio input left channel and right channel. Will it work the same.So I explained the principles of the left channel only one box.Signal through C1 for protection dc electric To interfere with IC.

IC amplifier stereo 10W  10W with ic TDA2009

Then go to the input signal to pin 5 of IC.The non inverting pin will not extend to phase signals. The output from pin 8. Through C8 and to prevent DC and increase the low frequency response the better,then sent to the speaker.The C10 and C11 serve to filter the light to protect the smooth sound … Tub..Tub… at the time of launch noise.

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