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Inverting Amplifier with Op-Amp

2015-01-04 23:42  
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This is a Inverting amplifier circuit. This circuit is used to amplify the application that requires large(closed-loop) voltage gain since it has low input impedance. The output of this circuit is? an amplified signal with different phase wit the input. This circuit uses a feedback. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:

Inverting amplifier circuit schematic
The R1 is 10K and R2 is 100K, and the input voltage is 1V. A voltage divider is formed by R2 and R1 that hold the inverting input at 0.91V. When the input is unbalance, the output is forced to go negative until the output is at the needed, 10V. At that point, the? both op-amp inputs are at the same voltage. When the input voltage is below the ground, the op-amp force the output voltage to rise. The voltage gain of this circuit is determined by following equation:
Vout/Vin = – R2/R1
And the input impedance is R1.

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