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LM380 mini size Amplifier

2015-01-05 14:50  
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This be mini size power amplifier 2 watt OTL that use ICLM380. Be base readymade circuit for side sound work and the communication. Which use outside equipment adds least. The C6 can choose get many the value since 47uF to at 470uF which , have a voice good bass. The C3 use for decrease tall frequency or noise. It be valuable stay between 0.0047uF sections arrive at 0.047uF. And use to The12V power supply(8V to 12V) from , car battery or the other.The Pin 3,4,5,10,11 legs and 12 soldered directly with copper side of PCB. Which use replace Heat sink The detail is other , see in the circuit.

Small IC Amplifier 2 watt using LM380

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