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LM3886: 68W Power Amplifier

2016-05-05 06:44  
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This is a good amplifier circuit taken from electronic-diy.com. Built based LM3886, the amplifier capable to deliver up to 68W audio output.

LM3886: 68W Power Amplifier circuit diagram

Parts List:
R1 = 10K Ohms
R2 = 10 Ohms 2W see text
R3 = 10 Ohms
R4 = 47K Ohms
R5 = 220K Ohms
R6 = 10K Ohms
R7 = 100K Ohms
L1 0,7uH
IC1 LM3886
C1 = 100NF
C2 = 100NF
C3 = 100NF
C4 = 100UF
C5 = 100UF
C6 = 4,7UF
C7 = 100UF
C8 = 1UF
The amplifier should be supplied by +34 and –34 volts. R2 and L1 is a resistor of 10 ohms / 2 watt coiled with 10 to 12 you exhale of enameled thread AWG 20.

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