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LM4809, LM4810 Dual-channel headphone amplifier circuit diag

2015-01-01 04:41  
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LM4809, LM4810 Dual-channel headphone amplifier circuit diagram
LM4809/4810 is dual channel headphone amplifier with 5V power supply. Each channel can output 105mW continuous average power to drive 16Ω load. Total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD + N) is only 0.1%. LM4809/4810 isthe minimum number of external components, which canprovide high-quality output power. LM4809/4810 does not require bootstrap capacitor and buffer. It is qualified to low-power portable systems. LM4809/4810 has an external control terminal to produce effectivelow level shutdown mode to work in the micro-power. There is an internal thermal shutdown protection agency. The pinout is shown as the chart.