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Linear FM 50 watt amplifier with BLY90

2015-01-02 09:16  
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Next is the linear FM 50 watt amplifier circuit diagram with BLY90  show. The circuit is an important component contains BLY90, following on to introduce you BLY90 it. The ASI BLY90 is Designed for Class A, B and C, 12.5 V High Band Applications up to 175 MHz. Its characteristics are:
• Common Emitter
• PG = 5.0 dB at 50 W/175 MHz
• Omnigold ™ Metalization System
You know its characteristics after the circuit is not come to understand it more easily?

image 6  Linear FM 50 watt amplifier with BLY90

Linear FM 50 watt amplifier with  BLY90