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Modification of Tripath TA2024 Amplifier Tamp Super Budget

2015-01-01 06:46  
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A package from the People's Republic of China dumped into the mailbox this week. In an article in the Sound and Vision as mentioned a mini amplifier with usb input that surround.no had taken, I saw in the comments that deal extreme selling the same amp. After some searching I found another amplifier based on TA2024 without usb, and then started google ball rolling with reading about Sonic T-Amp, Tripath, TA2024A, B and C. I wound a little haphazard up buying this on ebay for $ 40 incl P:

It says in the ad that it should be based on TA2024B, but in reality it turned out to be the old TA2024 (A). As if I did not know enough about Chinese quality and veracity of the industry. Well, well.

Anyway, it sounds very decent to cost the equivalent of 1 new DVD. But we can not just stop there? So this is the thread where all proposed modifications will be received with thanks! See attached photos for goodies components are carefully selected.

This like so many others seem to be based on Tripaths own circuit suggestions: Data Sheet, see page 5 and 6 A difference that I find is that 2 pieces' listening CSW stated to 180 V μF/16 they have spent 470 mF / 16 V. Is it done in an attempt to improve the power capacity in? In the data sheet recommended high quality Panasonic conditions or the like. Should these be replaced or upgraded?

At the end there are 4 pieces of fluff on 10μH and 4 pcs Co. of 0.47 mF. It says 0.22 mF should be used with 8 ohm load. Could it be something to be gained from switching output coils and capacitors? I had a little trouble finding the coils with low inductance at Elfa.