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Modular Preamplifier Switching Center Circuit Schematic

2015-01-04 18:02  
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Next is a modular  preamplifier  circuit switching center display. For this module has no power supply is needed. Four high-level input can be selected via SW1 and routed to the output. The output of this module must be connected to a suitable cable to a control center module two inputs. In this way, a total of five inputs will be provided to the user module combination. Line graph shows the left channel only, so all the parts must be doubled, which is in addition to bipolar switch SW1 SW2, is ready stereo. Switching control function has been called the "double column", which may be routed to an external unit, such as a recording device (tape or digital) input signal differs, the reproduction time of the amplifier. With the other modules in this series, each electronic board can be installed into a standard enclosure: Hammond extruded aluminum case is suitable for this board preamp. In particular, the case size 16 × 10.3 × 5.3 cm, or 22 × 10.3 × 5.3 centimeter a good look when stacked. See below for an example of possible arrangements for front and rear panels of the module.

Modular Preamp Switching Center


R1,R2,R3,R4____100K  1/4W Resistors
R5_____________560R  1/4W Resistor

SW1,SW2________2 poles 4 ways Rotary Switches

J1 to J6_______RCA audio input sockets
A possible arrangement of the front and rear panels of this Module
Switching Center Front PanelSwitching Center Back Panel
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