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Mono Power Amplifier – A1015, BD140, TOP2955

2015-01-05 22:01  
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Typically audio amplifier stereo amplifier to a two amplifier. And if a mono amplifier is a single speaker. However this circuit command be present extended to the mono two loudspeaker.But not a equivalence or else serialization access.This makes it needless impedance of the speaker has altered.But will remain to utilize the spokeswoman as a replacement for of the resistance - Collection Peter (RC) of the transistor.The circuit can be alive prolonged to 2 loudspeaker itself.

Mono Power Amplifier - A1015, BD140 ,TIP2955 Circuit Diagram

What time raising the power supply circuit and the audio to input. the audio sign coupling to through the C1 and R1 to increase with the Q1.Which Q1 serves like the Regional Pre amp amplifier to power up to a one point.already conveyance it to Q2.Which Q2 is connected to emitter follower circuit.be active as a driver amplifier intimate section from the pre amp section provides added power to drive the Q3 perform. and Q3 motivation provide while a Regional Power amp amplifier output to the spokeswoman.The opinion of the audio intimate through the VR1 and R2 to enter the pin B of Q2.To control the stability of working instead of well brought-up.This circuit is an output of 40 milliwatts watts of distortion of the gesture rate is by the side of 0.1 percent.And frequency response from 15 Hz - 200 kHz.