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Op amp power supply decoupling bypassing measure circuit dia

2015-01-03 20:39  
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Op amp power supply decoupling bypassing measure circuit diagram
Each power lead of the integrated power amplifier generally uses decoupling bypassing measure. That means connecting a high-performance capacitor from power lead end to extend across. It is shown in the figure. The high frequency bypass capacitor shown in the figure usually chooses a high performance ceramic capacitor, its value is 0.1μF. It can also use lμF tantalum capacitor. The internal inductance of these capacitors are small. When the op amp works in a high-speed, the bypass capacitors C1 and C2 should be connected to the power supply pins of integrated amplifier. The leads should be as short as possible to form a low inductance ground return circuit. When the gain-bandwidth of the used amplifier is greater than 10MHz, you should adopt more stringent high-frequency bypass measures.