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Pocket headphone amplifier

2015-01-03 15:19  
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Here I present a very simple and powerful headphone amplifier using OPA134. In addition to the IC OPA134, the circuit uses only few passive components and can easily generate a lot of sound from even the most inefficient headphones and there will be no compromise for the quality.
OPA134 is low noise, low distortion operational amplifier from BURR-BROWN semiconductors and it is exclusively meant for audio applications. The FET based input stage provides the IC with high input impedance and it makes the circuit very flexible in terms of the audio source. You can plug almost all types of sound sources like, mp3 players, iPods, mobile phones etc to the circuit.
In the circuit IC OPA134 is wired as a non-inverting amplifier. The /-4.5V split power supply required for the IC is obtained from a 9V PP3 battery using the circuit comprising of components D1. R6, R7.R8, C2 and C3. D1 is an LED which indicates power ON. Switch S1 can be used as a ON/OFF switch .Resistor R2 and capacitor C1 forms a high pass filter with corner frequency around 15KHz.POT R1 can be used as a volume controller. The load resistor R5 will stabilize the virtual ground and prevents any noise or distortion in the output, but the output will be DC coupled.
Circuit diagram.

pocket headphone amplifier circuit


Assemble the circuit a good PCB.The circuit can be powered using a 9V PP3 battery.POT R1 can be used as a volume controller.

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