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Power Amplifier Speaker Protection Circuit

2015-01-01 21:12  
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For the power amplifier circuit in the new version, usually popular to build by the direct coupling circuit, from the the amplifier circuit to the speakers directly, or as also known as the  OCL amplifier circuit.A speaker system can be protected against amplifier failure when dc voltages (on speaker line a-b) arc sensed by the circuit. Either positive or negative dc voltages are sensed. A relay opens in this case, removing the dc from the speakers.About 12 V at 50 mA is needed to power the circuit, depending on the relay.The circuit given here protects speakers from the current surge. When the amplifier is off, relay switch is also off. When the amplifier is switch on, R1 and Ci provide delay of a few seconds to switch the transistor on which energizes the relay.

Speaker Protection Circuit Circuit