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Space-saving HVArc Guard Capacitor goes for Passive Bufferin

2015-01-01 13:39  
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Many passive accessories can be used to make passive buffering circuits, and to absorb energy of reactance on switched circuits. Buffering circuits can pinchoff pulse noise, reduce power losses while cutting off circuits and reduce peak voltage on switches. New HVArc Guard high pressure MLCC capacitor gathers the attributes such as high breakdown, low impedance, and wide work frequency scale together. What’s more, its size is as small as 0805. HVArc Guard have excellent surge restrain capability. Here are the statistics for surge test on HVArc Guard capacitor. C0G(N0P)HVArc Guard X7R HVArc Guard   1.2μs×50μs 1650V 500V   10μs×700μs 1800V 1200V   10μs×160μs >1500V 1200V Following picture is an example for buffering circuit of totem pole MOSFET circuit.