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Stereo preamplifier circuit with TL072

2015-01-06 04:42  
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Preamp PCB with TL072

Preamp PCB with TL072

Welcome back to Free Circuit dot com ,Today,We take the preamplifier circuit with TL072, You can connect with Guitar,DVD player?or Iphone.

The preamplifier circuit is shown in the figure has some interesting characteristics that separate “normal” on the assumption that there is such a thing. The circuit was built by an amplifier TL072. This design is simple and offers an excellent range of tones. The structure is designed to obtain a large amount of profit, which is ideal for guitarists who want to fully distorted “fat” to get his job. It is the figure of the circuit.

The preamp uses a dual op amp that any amplification. The single transistor is an emitter follower, and maintains low output impedance after the master volume control. As shown in the figure, with a classical guitar input, it is possible to obtain very large overdrive sound by winding up the volume, then the captain of an appropriate level.

Preamp Assembly layout

Preamp Assembly layout

The frequency response is deliberately limited to the lower end plate to avoid extreme highs and cut to help reduce noise and the response to the normal requirements for the guitar to a minimum. If you TL072 OP AMP, as shown, you will find that the noise is a problem, especially at high gain with lots of treble boost. I recommend that you use an OPA2134  audio file at a premium, you will find what is perhaps the quietest guitar amp you’ve ever heard. In any gain setting, there is more noise guitar pickup is the prototype circuit noise and carbon resistors preamplifier.

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