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TDA1562Q 50W Car stereo amplifier

2015-01-06 05:12  
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One car stereo amplifier with TDA1562Q that can output 50W of audio power.

TDA1562Q car amplifier circuit diagram


2 resistors 1 KOhms
2 resistors 4,7 KOhms
2 resistors 100 KOhms
2 resistors 1 MOhms

4 capacitors 470 nF LCC 63V
4 capacitors 10 μF 63V radiaux
6 capacitors 4 700 μF 25V radiaux
2 capacitors 100 nF LCC
1 capacitor 10.000μF 25V radial

2 x LED
2 x TDA1562Q

2 switches unipolaires
2 heatsink (Rth < 2.5°C/W) ( pasta termica)

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TDA1562q printed circuit board layout

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