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TDA2003 Datasheet, 10W Power Amplifier for Car Audio System

2015-01-02 17:00  
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TDA2003 power amplifierICs features short circuit and overheat protection and are suitable for use in car audioTDA2003 10W Power Amplifier for Car Audio Systemsystems. It also delivers 3.5A of output current and additionally features a thermal shutdown system, according to the datasheet.

It is said that it has protection against DC and AC short circuit between all pins and ground. The picture shows the DC test circuit of TDA2003, which has 18V of maximum operating DC voltage. In the TDA2003 datasheet, you will find sections describe AC/DC short circuit conditions, polarity inversions, load dump voltage surge, thermal shutdown, practical PCB layout, Assembly and Application sugestions for the car radio designer (including table contain component lists and value recommendation).

Please follow more about10W Power Amplifier for Car Audio System using TDA2003, in the following TDA2003 datasheet (source: st.com)