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TDA2030 8 Watt Audio Amplifier

2015-01-01 11:21  
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Figure 1 

Here is a TDA2030 based high quality amplifier circuit which delivers 8 watts of audio power. Although the TDA2030 IC can give up to 20W, to drive 10W 8Ω speakers, the output power is reduced to 8W which is more adequate for a small room.

Input sensitivity of the amplifier is 200mV and higher levels consequently will give greater output without distortion. The 47kΩ potentiometer is used for adjusting the gain of the amplifier.

TDA2030 is a very good amplifier IC for low to medium audio systems. On the other hand, speaker efficiency is another main important parameter that determines how loud the sound is. The speaker efficiency or sound pressure level (SPL– in dB/meter) will say you how loud the speaker will sound.

You should build two of them to use in stereo mode.

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