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TDA2052 60 Watt Amplifier with Mute and St-By Functions

2015-01-06 05:19  
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Figure 1 

TDA2052 is a AB class amplifier which operates with ( ,-25V) supply and generates 60 Watt power (sound) output. Since it has very low distortion and it is a AB class amplifier, it can be used in HI-FI systems. TDA2052 has mute and st-by functions so it can be controlled by external digital circuits. Very high temperature and output short circuit protections are included. You should use a heatsink to dissipate the excess heat.


Figure 2 

R1 – Input ImpedanceR2,R3 – Gain (32dB)R4 – Input Impedance in Mute ModeR5 – Standby Transition TimeR8 – Output Frequency BalancingR9,R10 – Discharge ResistorsC1 – Input Coupling CapacitorC3 – Feedback Coupling CapacitorC4 – Standby Transition TimeC5 – Output Frequency BalancingC6,C7 – Supply Stabilizing CapacitorsC9,C10 – Supply Filter CapacitorsFigure:1

Figure 3 

TDA2052 Pinout

Layout of the Circuit: (1:1 Scaled)

TDA2052 60W Amplifier Layout

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