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TDA7383: 4x35W Quad Bridge Amplifier circuit diagram

2015-01-01 23:49  
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Here’s a circuit diagram of an amplifier that has four input channels and four output channels or commonly called the quad amplifier. Power amplifier is designed specifically for car audio system applications. With a fairly large output power per channel, low distortion and low output noise features; amplifier is suitable for your car simple amplifier applications.

TDA7383: 4x35W Quad Bridge Amplifier circuit

There are only a few additional components outside the IC power, so it will not take a lot of space.

About TDA7383:
The TDA7383 is a new technology class AB Audio Power Amplifier in Flexiwatt 25 package designed for high end car radio applications.

Thanks to the fully complementary PNP/NPN output configuration the TDA7383 allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors. The extremely reduced components count allows very compact sets.

The on-board clipping detector simplifies gain compression operations. The fault diagnostics makes it possible to detect mistakes during Car- Radio assembly and wiring in the car.

DownloadTDA7383 datasheet. Within this document there is an application circuit that comes with PCB design, including the placement of components.



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