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TDA8932B/33(B) Class D Audio Amplifier in Symmetric Supply S

2015-01-05 02:37  
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We can also operate TDA8932B/33(B) from a symmetrical supply. On this diagram, three half supply voltage buffers are disabled. When supplied from a symmetrical supply, HVPREF (Pin 11), HVP1 (pin 30) and HVP2 (Pin 19) should be connected to ground. Here’s the circuit diagram:

TDA8932B 33B Class D Audio Amplifier in Symmetric Supply Single Ended Configuration2 circuit schematic diagram

Compared to an asymmetrical supply, a symmetrical supply has some benefits. First, the size of the SE capacitor do not limit the power bandwidth. Therefore, a symmetrical supply should be considered to avoid a large SE capacitor for a full bandwidth (20Hz to 20 KHz). Secondly, the output signal will not suffer from asymmetrical clipping when the supply is either unregulated and/or weak (e.g. a 50Hz/60 Hz transformer). [Source: NXP Application Note]

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