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The best efficiency power amplification circuit of RF2131 wi

2015-01-06 07:12  
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The best efficiency power amplification circuit of RF2131 with 4.8V power
RF signal (RF) is input by pin 7, and it is output by pin 10, 11, 14 and 15 after enlarging by preamplifier and final stage power amplifier. Pin 7 is directly coupled with internal amplifier. So pin 7 is added a blocking coupling capacitor. The input impendence of pin 7 is 50Ω, but the precise resistance is determined by out connected internal matching network of pin 3. Pin 10, 11, 14 and 15 of output endare connectedto the chip. Normally, pin 10. 11, 14 and pin 15are separately connected together and used as signal output.People must pay attention to symmetry. In order to get largest output power and efficiency, output matching network can make amplifier's output impendence match with it. At the same time, the pins are also used as final power amplifier's power supply end. It offers bias current to final operation amplifier through the pins.