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Ultra-High Fidelity High Power Amplifier Reference (LME49830

2015-01-04 06:38  
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This article briefly describes the Ultra-High Fidelity High Power Amplifier Reference (LME49830). This principle is easy to understand, but also very practical. Depth understanding of circuit elements, can be more effective to grasp this principle. Do you know the circuit, for example, can understand and buy these components: LME49830 .

The LME49830 EF125WT1 amplifierPCBmodule showcases National Semiconductor’sLMEultra-high fidelity power amplifier input stage ICs (drivers). The LME49830 is a fully complementary bipolar 200V input stage IC with 56mA (typical) of output current that has been optimized for audio applications. With 56mA of current drive, the IC can drive numerous power transistors to achieve high levels of output power. The LME49830’s ultra-low distortion and low-noise, combined with a user adjustable compensation scheme results in a tightly controlled, but highly dynamic listening experience.

Figure:1 Circuit diagram

Figure 1 Circuit diagram

User adjustable compensation provides for high-frequency distortion minimization and for slew rate and power bandwidth optimization. The IC’s high performance level, features and user customization make the driver a highly reliable, unique input stage solution for high power amplifiers. While the amplifier module provides a convenient way for performance measurement verification, it also can be used to validate the solution’s sonic performance in the desired test environment. The solution presented has undergone listening evaluations in a dedicated sound room for verification of sonic performance.



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